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Show off your company and products in a
highly engaging and visual way.

From concept to finished video, we've got you covered

We create a concept based on your needs and expectations, and after your approval, turn the concept into a finished video ready for display on different platforms.

What we can do

Instructional videos

How we can do it

Filmed video with actors
Advanced special effects
Animation in different styles

Case Study: Runbit

An advertisement for an application where you run outside and interact with different creatures through your smartphone. The finished video is viewable here. It is used on both App Store, Google Play as well as for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
Runtime: 39 seconds

The process

I discussed with the owner of the app what he wanted from the ad. The focus became "showing the feeling of using the app". Based on this information, I created a simple concept video to display what the finished product would look like. The concept video is available to view here.

When the owner was pleased with the direction, I moved into production, creating the full ad viewable above. Several versions was delivered in different lengths and sizes, suitable for different services and places, like Snapchat and Instagram.

For those interested, a techincal break-down of one of the scenes from the ad is viewable here, to illustrate how the finished scene was created.

Video Concept

Technical Breakdown

Need a video made?

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Gustav Nilsson

Gustav Nilsson

My name is Gustav Nilsson and I am 25 years old. I live in Gothenburg together with my girlfriend and our daughter. I have always loved making videos, and have now decided to start this company to help others with their video needs. Coming up with creative solutions and realizing them is always the most rewarding thing I can imagine.